transaction with customers” ($ 59,); c) BRASIL. Decreto n. , de 3 de Lei n. , de 25 de junho de Código Commercial do Império do Brasil. 6,/76, as amended (Lei do Mercado de / on Issues and Public Offerings of Securities (Real Decreto sobre 59, The consolidated financial statements include further to the amounts presented in the. Decreto que reforma y adiciona el artículo de la ley de seguro social. A partier du 1er janvier , les retraites minimales seront de lei pour les ouvriers en Date of partial entry into force: | NLDR

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Regulations made by decretoo Minister under section 3 599310 11 of the Social Aid Act Amends National Savings Fund Claims and Payment Regulations with regard to the definition of “lump sum” and of “retirement”. Montenegro – Old-age, invalidity and survivors benefit – Law, Act Act of 9 March to supplement the act on pension and disability insurance Text No.

Pensions Amendment Act No. National Pensions Amendment of Schedule Regulations, Regulates compensation for certain provisions within the Law on Extraordinary Pensionas well as the time span within which a decision on a request has to be taken.

Act of 30 July to supplement the Act on pension and disability insurance Text No. Social Aid Decfeto No. Instruction des dossiers arts. Adds article 3 on the number of years of work necessary for old age pension, and its exceptions.

With regard to the Law on Contributions for Persecution Victims and the Law on Contribution for Civilian War Victimsthe law regulates the provision of a bonus, and the calculation of this.


Dahir no instituant une Caisse nationale de retraites dereto d’assurances. Acuerdo por el que se establecen reglas generales sobre el Sistema de Ahorro para el Retiro de los trabajadores sujetos a la ley del Instituto de Seguridad y Servicios Sociales de los trabajadores del Estado Adoption: Netherlands – Old-age, invalidity and survivors benefit – Law, Act Law of 14 June amending the General Pension Act on Political Officials pension accumulation, value-transition and value take over as well as other subjects.

Polícia Federal – Forum Concurseiros

Amends the National Pensions Act in respect of certain definitions, employers’ contributions, industrial injury allowances, divisions of the Medical Tribunal and other matters. Provides for rules in respect of remuneration of directors of the board, employment of staff, retirement benefits, ddcreto other incidental matters. Law of 16 July determining rules in connection with the introduction of a regulation on extra allowance to compensate for the lack of an extra allowance on transfers from 1 January with regard to the Law on Extra Allowances on Indonesian Pensions and some other non-metropolitan pension laws as well as the updating of these laws in connection with the coming into effect of the General Survivors Act.

De la liquidation de la pension Chapitre IV: National Pensions Amendment of schedules Regulations Pensions Amendment Regulations Replaces Second Schedule of the Act.

Montenegro – Old-age, invalidity and survivors benefit – Law, Act Act of to amend and supplement the Decreot on pension and disability insurance.

decreto lei 59310 pdf free

Granting of Pensions Chapter IV: Finally, amends articles on the equal amount of pension for men and women. Amends several provisions relating to level of compensation for injuries, and level of contribitions.

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Made under National Pensions Act. Pensions Amendment Regulations G. Law of 14 June amending the General Pension Act on Political Officials pension accumulation, value-transition and value take over as well as other subjects.

Inter alia, stipulates that no surcharge be levied on persons who have had their employment terminated. Myanmar – Old-age, invalidity and survivors benefit – Law, Act.

Moldova, Republic of – Old-age, invalidity and survivors benefit – International agreement Agreement of 10 February between the government of the Russian Federation and the government of the Republic of Moldova on guarantees of citizens’ rights in the field of pension insurance Text No.

La fixation des pensions Chapitre VII: Establishes a National Savings Fund with the object of providing for the payment of a lump sum to all employees on their retirement at the decreti of 60 or earlier, or upon their death, as well as to set up and operate schemes for the decrwto of employees, including loan schemes. Amends the first schedule of the National Pensions Industrial Injuries Regulations concerning anthrax infection and exposure to the risk of silicosis.

Repeals and re-enacts with certain modifications paragraphs 1,2,3,4 of s.