1 DR. RAM MANOHAR LOHIYA NATIONAL LAW UNIVERSITY, LUCKNOW FINAL DRAFT OF PLEADING, DRAFTING AND CONVEYANCE AMENDMENT OF. CONTENTS DRAFTING OF PLEADING AND CONVEYANCING – General Principles of Drafting and Relevant Rules CIVIL – Plaint – Written Statements. DRAFTING, PLEADING AND CONVEYANCING Course Teacher: Dr. Aneesh V. Pillai Introduction: By the art of legal drafting (also commonly called the legal.

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That the Co, Ltd respondent was incorporated as a company limited by the guarantee. In the latter case the sources of information are not disclosed, the Affidavits is not in accordance with ane and such an Affidavit is inadmissible in evidence. The general rule is that a party cannot prove a fact which he has pleaded.

Drafting, Pleading and Conveyancing

Ultimately it is a legal power and no legal power can be exercised improperly, unreasonably or arbitrarily. Such identification cconveyancing be made by a person U personally acquainted with the person to be identified or satisfied from papers in that person’s possession or otherwise of his identity.

That he was married to respondent on ………. The performance of occurrence of any condition precedent need not be pleaded as its averments shall be implied in the ppeading. A In another example of a suit for defamation and damages, it is not sufficient for the plaintiff to state that the defendant defamed him and therefore he was entitled to damages or special damages.

Drafting, Pleading and Conveyancing

Details of Remedies Exhausted: No……………………………… of Mrs. Name and address of the driver in-charge of the vehicle at the time of accident: The main purpose of this rule is to prevent any possible denial by any party that he did not authorize the proceedings. The proviso, to some extent, curtails absolute discretion to allow amendment at any stage. Such facts would be valid pleas. A person making a false verification is liable to be punished under the Indian Penal Code, as making a false statement is by itself an offence.


In some cases the court may allow amendment of the plaint or the written statement on the application of a party. It is not necessary to state the entire from or precise words of the note, nor any other circumstances from which such a notice could be inferred sometimes, however, the convwyancing or the precise words of the notice are material under must be alleged. The plaintiff or the defendant as the case may be, and his counsel must be on their guard not to omit any facts and straight-a-way jump to pleading legal interference without stating such facts.

M Peading appellant most respectfully sheweth that. Very often the presiding officer of these tribunals courts are also presiding officer, of regular civil courts for ex.

Transport to hospital …………… a day week. Rule 11 1 does not require that the execution petition must be verified by a person authorised by the decree-holder.

Thereafter, the decision was announced. That under the coveyancing to Section ………. Examples of Bad Pleading: Per bus for one trip when it proceeds to cross each of the said rivers over the bridges aforementioned.

It amounts in essence and A pith to a complaint to a higher forum that the decision of a subordinate tribunal is erroneous and, therefore liable to be rectified or set right. That the petitioner peading aggrieved by the said levy and charging of the said toll from the petitioner, he approaches this Hon’ble Court for issue of a writ of mandamus prohibiting the Respondent from making such charge of levy of said toll and for refund of sums already paid to the respondent in this behalf, on the following, among other.

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The payer should be in the following form: For that none of draftinf grounds mentioned in para 3 above has any proximate connection or vacancy to the maintenance of public order.

Drafting, Pleading & Conveyancing

That it is alleged that this toll is charged in order to maintain the ferries under Northern India Ferries Act, It is the duty of the lawyers to ensure that the pleadings. The plaintiff should have stated all the facts of mortgage and the details of the conditions pertaining to the mortgage. Material part of the memorandum consists of the grounds of appeal. In such cases, it is sufficient to allege notice as a fact.

Log In Sign Up. It is prayed that a decree for restitution of conjugal rights be passed in favour of the petitioner against the respondent under Section 9 of Hindu Marriage Act,directing the respondent to return the petitioner and live with him as husband and wife. It is no answer to a suit, however, frivolous the claim, that the law confers no such right to sue.

For that the leaned judges of the High Court erred in taking into consideration the speech made by……….